Charalampos Kiakotos
I started photography when I was 15 years old and fell in love with it. Afterwards, I devote myself to my career and as thus I dive into marine industry which I'm an integral part as of now where I serve as a Captain in Oil Tankers Vessel.

Meanwhile, I met my wife and make a beautiful family with two sons (3,5 years old and 8 months) and this is my basis, my homeport as we used to say (seamen). I always like photography and the feeling I'm getting from each single photo.

I spent my free time exploring, shooting and editing as this sequence goes all the way again and again. I hope you like my pictures as much as I do. If you want to suggest me something, correct me and/or pointing out something you believe its interested I'm here to listen to you.

1) Always photograph the things I love.  Never shoot for commercial gain alone.
2) Shoot more sunrises than sunsets (need serious effort)..
3) Don't spend too much time editing my photos
4) Visit and photograph 2 new locations every year (a nice goal !!)